The Princeton Land Trust has acquired several properties around Princeton. These vary quite a bit in size and accessibility. We encourage our visitors to make use of these properties (non-motorized vehicles only). With a good GPS, you can explore the back woods and roads of Princeton! Please respect the property of abutters.

Trails exist on some of the PLT properties and these can be accessed from the Princeton Open Space Committee web pages:

PLT Locations

Parcel Name  Location  Acreage   Year
A Rocky Mason East Princeton Road .03 1992
B Holt Ball Hill Road 2.0 1994 
C McElroy Bullock Lane  18.0  1995
D Bullock  Bullock Lane  35.7 1996 
E Gregory  Prospect Street  8.3  1996 
F Densmore  Merriam Road  2.5  1997 
G Burkhardt  Calamint Hill Road  30.7  1997 
H Peabody-Metcalf  Sterling Road  49.0  2005 
I Fiore  Beaman Road - Country Lane  3.15  2005 
J Boy Scout Land  Old Colony Road  31.0  2006 
K Sandstrom Worcester Road  45.0  2006 
L Nichols  Sam Cobb Lane Extension  .05  2006 
M Four Corners Old Colony Road  11.5  2008 
N Reynolds  Mountain Road  1.1  2009 
O Poor  Sterling Road  11.82  2011 
P Giard  Off Ball Hill Road  52.0  2013 
Q Brooks  Ball Hill Road  3.0  2013 
R Kilgour  Hobbs Road  11.0  2015 
S Fieldstone Farm  Hubbardston Road  17.0  2016 
T Alexander  Hobbs Road  2.0  2016 
U Littlefield  Sterling Road  2.78  2018 
V O'Loughlin  Sterling Road                      3.5 2018 
W AppellCalamint Hill Rd north                 34 2019

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