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This 3.5 acre property was a gift from Tim and Belinda O’Loughlin, who live at 43 Gregory Hill Road, at the intersection of Route 31 and Route 62.  Their home is on the easterly side of Route 31.  The gifted parcel is across Route 31.  

The property abuts the Gregory PLT property and touches the Alexander property. Most of the property is wetland, but there is an upland section in the north east corner of the lot.


The Route 31/62 intersection was laid out as part of a state highway improvement (in the early 1950s?).  Before that improvement, Routes 31 and 62 ran easterly from the center of town, down Gregory Hill and up the other side where they turned northerly and ran to Merriam Road.  The “triangle” didn’t exist.    Gregory Hill Road ended in a “T” intersection with Merriam Road.  Route 31 then turned westerly on Merriam for a couple of hundred yards, and then turned northerly on Mirick Road.  Route 62 turned easterly on Merriam Road, and then turned into Sterling Road just beyond Rud Mason’s house.


The state highway improvement created the “T” intersection of Routes 31/62 at the bottom of the hill, re-routed Route 31 to head northerly at the bottom of the hill, and re-routed Route 62 to its present location, creating the triangle.