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Sandstrom - Red Fox Farm

The Red Fox Farm property was acquired from the Sandstrom family in 2006 as part of a multi-party effort to preserve 100 acres of Red Fox farm. This 45 acre parcel is located off Worcester Road. The property is rectangular in shape and runs parallel to Hickory/Oak Circle. On the East side the property extends to Nimrod property which goes over the hill and toward Coal Kiln Road. To the south, the property is bounded by DCR land.
There are some fine trails in this area, with views on the east edge of the property over the ridge into Nimrod territory. A trail leads through Nimrod land to an excellent view over the Mason fields in Holden. Getting from Worcester Road to the PLT land is not simple. While there is a right-of-way south of the Sampson property, it is not developed. There is a band of wetlands between Worcester Road and the property. Access can be made from the paper road from Hickory Drive.