Welcome to the Princeton Land Trust Website!

Our goal with this website is to familiarize our members and friends with what we are and to introduce our guests to the projects, activities, and properties that we are managing.

If you would like to contact us regarding land preservation ideas or on any topic, please visit our contacts page and feel free to contact any of our Trustees. We also welcome you to explore our properties...we hope to drive up recreational use of the land!

Thanks for visiting us!

Our Mission

The Princeton land trust was formed to preserve the natural beauty and rural character of the Town of Princeton;

  • to cooperate with the town, land owners and others in providing suitable places for recreation and for conservation of land, water resources, plants and wildlife;

  • to preserve areas of conservational significance to the town;

  • to promote responsible development of real estate and sound conservation practices in order to preserve the town’s natural beauty;

  • to acquire by gift, purchase, or otherwise real property and

  • to use the property in a way the Trustees see fit to carry out our mission for the benefit of the Town of Princeton.

Getting Involved

We welcome your involvement in our activities! Here are some things you can do...

  • Help us to identify opportunities for land conservation.

  • Visit our properties and become familiar with the land.

  • Become a member!

  • Spread the word to friends about the mission of the PLT.

  • Watch or subscribe to the Announcements board, and participate in events during the year.

  • Join us for our annual meeting, normally held in the fall.

  • Talk to a Trustee. Trustee contact information is available on our contacts page.

  • Sign up to help monitor a PLT property.

Princeton Land Trust in Pictures

Recent Announcements

Full Moon Hike 2022! Tuesday or Wednesday night, February 15 or 16. More info coming when we see the forecast. Sign up!!

PLT looking for Volunteers: PLT is looking for help with monitoring properties. Click to learn about the Trail Steward program or to volunteer!

PLT Acquires Hall Field: PLT received a gift from Chris and Judy Bice of the 12 acre field near Princeton center.